Meet The Band

Nadine - 'Kate'

Nadine's passion for music has always played a huge part in her life and as early as five years old Nadine recalls her love for Kate Bush.


Nadine's pursuit for a singing career started thirteen years ago when she started her own Karaoke business. Singing the odd song or two Nadine was talent spotted by a theatre company who urged her to audition for an upcoming musical 'Masquerade' at The Prince of Wales Theatre. The audition was a success and she was offered the role as leading lady. Other roles followed.


In 2010 she joined a female vocal trio called 'The Rubys' , entertaining pubs and clubs around Staffordshire and The Midlands. Nadine loved to sing the odd Kate Bush song because as she recalls "I loved her music and found her songs easy to sing".

Nadine's ability to sing those 'HIGH notes' and her uncanny vocal resemblance to Kate became a talking point in clubland. 


Nadine still sings with 'The Rubys' but her true passion is being part of 'Them Heavy People' where she can sing her favourite songs from her favourite artist Kate Bush.

Dave  ('Del') - Bass, BVs & MD

Dave has been playing bass for over 30 years, and has been aware of Kate since first hearing 'Wuthering Heights' and seeing Kate on Top Of The Pops. He became a fan in 1980, when 'Never For Ever' was released, and  'Breathing', 'Babooshka' and 'Army Dreamers' were in the charts. The video for 'Babooshka' may have helped spark the imagination, but it was also Kate's subject matter and lyrics that drew interest in her songs. Another favourite artist is Peter Gabriel, and there are many similarities between these two artistes, as Kate has been influenced by, and worked with Peter.

Kate has used some creative bass players in her songs, and has explored the wide range of voices that the bass has to offer. Fretless bass has been used in many of her songs, and Dave has always been a fretless player, alongside regular fretted. (His first chosen 'new' bass was a fretless, and was the only bass he owned for quite a while).

Dave's biggest influence on the bass is Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel's bass player and well renowned session player), as well as Eberhard Weber, who has his own distinctive voice on his purpose built Electric Upright bass.

Dave's career on the bass has been mainly in function bands and tribute bands, with some 'pit' work in a variety of shows, and plenty of 'dep' work, where he can be called in to work with any band, filling in for a bass player, sometimes at very short notice. He is self taught, and has developed his own style, while being technically adept (grade 8 with distinction), and is also a well respected bass teacher around the Midlands. Being a big fan of Kate, and knowing the songs with depth has led to Dave being MD for the band, as they try to recreate the songs to the highest standard. He has previously worked with other Kate Bush tributes, but feels this band is the strongest, and has a great bunch of highly talented players to bring the songs alive.

Dave's own website can be found here;   

Brendan - Keyboards & BVs

Brendan began his relationship with the keyboard nearly thirty years ago. His initial inspirations were the music of Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre and the synth driven music of his early years. In later years, this developed into a love of more diverse musical styles and artists including David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode and, since joining ‘Them Heavy People’ Kate Bush. 

As the band keyboard player, he has gone to great lengths to authentically recreate the diverse and unique sonic palette that is the cornerstone of many of Kate’s classic tracks. This has proved to be a challenging and rewarding experience and has reinforced the much acknowledged belief that Kate is truly one of pop musics pioneers and innovators.

His musical career has been a mix of live performance in originals, non original and tribute acts as well as studio work and live sound engineering.

Having studied music privately from an early age he achieved performance grade 8 by the age of 17 and then turned his musical interests to playing guitar which he has now played for 20 years.

Brendan has gained a wealth of experience over the years in his ‘day’ job as musical instrument demonstrator and technical advisor. He has received over twenty years training from companies including Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Shure, Akg, Akai, Focusrite, Native Instruments, Fender, Line 6 and Marshall.

More recently, Brendan returned to education to study music and achieved a first class honours degree and then a PGCE in secondary music with qualified teacher status.

Brendan, as well as performing with ‘Them Heavy People’ as keyboard player and backing vocalist, is also keyboard player and guitarist for ‘Britpop reunion’; the UK’s premier Britpop tribute act.

Stu - Drums

Music engulfed Stuart from a very early age.  His parents spotted his talent early and, with the help of some quality earplugs, they encouraged and supported him to follow his passion. By the tender age of fourteen Stuart had taken to the stage with several local bands, allowing him to soak up a variety of music genres.

 In the late 80’s & early 90’s Stuart spent much of his time with Midlands based band ‘One on One’. The band played many local gigs and recorded original material. Some of Stuart’s influences include Steve Jansen, Simon Phillips, Vinnie Coliauta and Stewart Copeland.

 In the early 90s he decided to try something new & turned towards the session circuits.  He soon found himself with chart topping band KWS known for their song “Please Don’t Go”.  This then led to resident spots at Ronnie Scott’s in Birmingham with the well-respected Curtis Little Band.

 Stuart then moved on to the tribute scene with the very successful Robbie Williams tribute band ‘Live Thru A Lens’ whilst grabbing any corporate, wedding or pub gigs with his own bands .He has currently been recording at Abbey Road Studios, laying down two tracks for a new album with senior recording Engineer John Barrett, who has recorded for the likes of U2, Sting Seal, Arcade Fire……

 Always keen to get a Kate Bush tribute band together, a long time was spent searching & auditioning but to no avail. Until, that is, the fantastic Nadine appeared.


Stuart says…..


“I was blown away by her persona.  She really does have it all! Looking & sounding fantastic, I look forward to working with her for many years to come”

Greg - Guitars & BVs

Greg Platt Lake has been a professional musician since leaving school at the age of 16. He’s worked all over the world in places including USA, Europe, The Middle East, and Russia with various artists and original and corporate acts. Notable acts he backed and worked alongside are “Sonara” with singer song writer Daniel Whitehouse, “The Black and Reds”, Marcus Collins (The Voice), LB Robinson (The Voice), Tracy Cohen (X-Factor), Steve Winwood, Robert Plant, Ruby Turner, “Jam Hot” (International show band), “The Beat Factor” (International events band), Mike Kellie (Spooky Tooth, Joe Cocker, The Who). 

He was a member of Thin Lizzy tribute act “Dizzy Lizzy” for 5 years and is familiar with what is needed replicating a bands sound. When asked to work with Them Heavy People, “I thought this is gonna be a bit different as Kate’s music is quite particular. Fortunately for myself, my Dad used to play me all the Kate Bush stuff when I was a kid so while having never played it in a band before, I was familiar as a fan of hers. Such great crafted music and it’s a pleasure to play it with these guys. Nadine’s spookily like Kate and in my humble opinion the closest sounding tribute singer I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

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